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Intermittent Email/ Outlook issues - NOTICES / General - FAU College of Medicine Support Center

Jun 17 2022

Intermittent Email/ Outlook issues

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6/22 UPDATE: OIT believes they have determined the issue and have made changes to correct this.  If you still have issues after restarting your device, please let COM IT know.

6/21 UPDATE: Thought this is still an issue, COM IT has some options which may solve the issue.  Please submit a ticket if you are still having issues and we will reach out to schedule a time to assist.

We are aware of many folks having issues accessing Outlook on their Phones and/or computers.  OIT is actively looking into the issue and working on a resolution.

If you experience issues logging into your email or you are getting repetitive SSO login screens, please submit a ticket to COM IT ( or at so we can reach out to you to assist.

Should you experience this issue, the current workaround is to access your email via the Web client at