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Mandatory Email Encryption Procedures

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All College of Medicine email accounts are equipped with a user-friendly method of email encryption.  The new method provides automatic email decryption and cuts out all of the burdensome steps from before.


Email encryption is mandatory for anyone who emails HIPAA or FERPA information; it is also strongly recommended for anyone sending other types of confidential/sensitive data.  


This includes anyone involved with clinical, research, financial, educational or sensitive administrative activities that are protected by federal and University requirements (e.g., FERPA, HIPAA). Encrypted email is designed to enhance our security measures and protect our information systems, confidential, sensitive and personal data.


All COM faculty, staff and students may send encrypted emails to any recipient (inside or outside of FAU).


Examples of sensitive information:

·         Student Z numbers and student records

·         Patient medical record, payment history or health status

·         SSN, Driver's License, Health ID #


How does it work?

You can send encrypted emails using:


·         Outlook on the desktop (Mac or PC)

·         Outlook online:

·         Outlook mobile app or iPhone Mail app


When creating a new email, simply insert [safe] in the subject line as in the example below:

The recipient will receive the encrypted message in Outlook like this:



The message will be automatically decrypted for anyone with an email. There are no additional steps to read or decrypt the message for accounts.


Things to Remember:


·         If you do not insert [safe] in the subject line, the email will not be encrypted and it will be treated as normal email.

·         You will not be allowed to forward or take screenshots of encrypted emails. Recipients will see the message: “Do not Forward – Recipients can read this message, but cannot forward, print, or copy content.”

  • You cannot add any new people to the encrypted email or change the subject line. You can only respond to the encrypted email.

·         Recipients outside of will have to follow a series of steps with Office 365 to decrypt the email message.


Please contact the COM Help Desk if you have any questions: